Caroline Lovett

Caroline is a contemporary figurative artist. She works mainly in acrylic and oils, as well as producing ink studies. Her figurative work moves between the very contemporary and the surreal. Vibrant, often fluorescent colours, recur in her work. She is fascinated by and creates very physical images of movement and gesture, embodying joy, euphoria, rapture and despair. Her work explores the façade we present to the world versus the realities we repress and conceal, the very public and the very private.

Her process often involves working quickly to create bold under paintings that seep through later paintings to create spontaneous works in acrylic. These initial experimental/exploratory studies then develop into resolved large-scale pieces. She composes paintings very spontaneously, blocking out the backgrounds to allow the forms and bodies to coalesce in more considered brush marks.

Currently Caroline is working on modern day re-imaginings of Hieronymous Bosch’s ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’. In time of pandemic she is inspired and connected to Bosch’s fantastic illustrations, religious concepts and historical narrative, created in similarly perilous times. Within these new pieces she explores the surreal, dream states and the unconscious through fantastical, colourful, escapist, disturbing images of strange creatures, ethereal acrobats, images of creation, rituals and ceremony. Her work is informed in part by her own disrupted pandemic sleep, the darkest of imaginings realised creatively. These works are acrylics on large-scale canvases.

Previous work has explored the selfie, the effects of technology and social media on our relationships and private lives.

Her next body of work, provisionally titled ‘The Beer Garden of Earthly Delights’, will examine themes including self-image, self-confidence, freedom, hedonism, partying, female empowerment, fun and post lockdown responses to ‘freedom’.

Caroline is a self taught artist. Her work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy’s Summer Show 2018 and recent exhibitions of her work have included Grayson’s Art Club.

Caroline is based in Suffolk with a studio in London.