Caroline Lovett - Artist

Caroline Lovett

Caroline Lovett paints vibrant figurative portraits. Caroline is a contemporary figurative artist who is fascinated by the way we present ourselves to the world through our selfies and social media. Caroline paints bold, quirky modern pieces that are both fresh and distinctively recognisable in colour and subject matter.

Much of her work originated with an exploration of the many exaggerated, filtered and fake selfies that are currently promoted on social media. This work has since evolved into studying and capturing the further effects of technology and social media on our relationships and private lives. Where once intimate moments were to be savoured and sacred, we now are competing with our phones for human attention. Every new experience and place we visit seems to be an opportunity to capture that one gorgeous selfie, the holy grail of social approval and maximum likes ….. even if it does ruin the moment.

Caroline describes her work as an artist as being; “inspired by anecdotes of both my own life and the struggles we commonly experience with modern day living. The fun for me is in capturing those amusing and interesting moments that also allow me to create a platform for social commentary”.

My painting “Eyes on the Pride” features in Grayson’s Art Club Exhibition at the Midlands Art Centre.

Caroline Lovett