Caroline Lovett - Contemporary Figurative Artist

Caroline Lovett I love to think of my paintings as being like my children, quirky and fun to be around.

My paintings are bold, stylised compositions; inspired by my own interpretation of my subjects with just a little extra added zany colour and life.

The aim of my work as an artist is to create candid, amusing paintings that illuminate and delight those who own them. My art explores current notions of beauty and sexuality. Which I believe is often influenced by the type of photo shopped images we see promoted in social media today.

In many ways this exploration of beauty and image is a natural progression for an Artist emerging from an extensive career in the Fitness Industry. As a Pilates and fitness instructor for over two decades now, my daily work has been to consistently work with helping others achieve what they consider to be their sometimes totally unrealistic ideal. Where this ideal body image is formed and how it filters through the fabric of society; influencing everything from advertising to extreme surgery is what interests me as an artist.

Some of my portraits are fun and frivolous; others are tongue in cheek parodies of the pouting selfie type pictures so typical of our culture today. The surreal, distorted portraits I paint with their over injected filler lips pouting back at us, their cosmetically enhanced features balanced finely over twisted and contorted bodies, invite the viewer to consider the reality of modern concepts of beauty. Caroline Lovett

The result…. Amusing, cheeky yet candid portraits, distinctive in their colour and brush marks as being one of my creations. My work has been influenced by artists such as Alex Katz, Chantal Joffe, Deborah Azzopardi, Elizabeth Peyton and Grayson Perry.

Caroline was born and raised in North London. She attends Insight School of Art in Barnet for artistic mentoring and she has had her work exhibited at both the North London Artist Network Show in 2014 and the Ipswich Art Society in 2015 and 2016.

Caroline is married with 4 children and a dog called Bonzo who’s the size of a small horse. When she is not painting and looking after her family she is teaches Pilates in Ipswich and in London.

Caroline Lovett